Applicant Screening Policies and Procedures

We appreciate your interest in renting from Rogue Real Estate. Please review the list of criteria that we use for applicant screening, if you meet the criteria, we welcome you to apply.

Complete Application (From every adult and co-signer):  Each applicant must submit an individual application with proper references. Joint applicants may provide joint references. A non-refundable application fee is required from every person age 18 or older who will be residing in the rental unit, regardless of familial status. Incomplete applications will be processed, however, applicants will be provided a list of any missing items/information.  If applicant does not provide missing items/information within the timeframe provided, application will be declined and the application fee will not be refunded.  We will accept the first qualified applicant(s).

Pets/Service AnimalsWe use a third-party pet/service animal screening service,, to manage your animal’s information.  All animals must have an active, fully completed account on If you have a pet, please make sure you have chosen a home or apartment that will allow a pet.  An additional security deposit and pet rent, typically per pet, may be due (not applicable to service animals).  Pet Profile fees are $20 for the first pet $15 for each additional pet, Pet Profiles are FREE for accommodation requests for assistance animals.  Fee is subject to change and is paid directly to  To complete your pet profile(s), visit our custom page at

Identification:  Applicants must provide a social security number, and current government issued identification, which includes a photo.

Prior Rental History:  A minimum of two years rental history from current and/or previous landlords and references from unbiased/unrelated sources are required.  If we are unable to verify your prior rental history, your application may be denied.  Five year eviction-free history is required.  Past-due balances will be grounds for denial.  Two or more notices for non-payment of rent within one year will result in denial of the application.  Rental history reflecting negative comments will result in denial of the application.

Sufficient Income/Resources:  Your household income and/or financial resources must equal at least three times the monthly rent.  Employment must be verified by presenting 60-days of recent paycheck stubs.  Your employer will be contacted to verify employment and income.  If you are self-employed, you must provide income tax documents from the most recent tax year to verify your income as well as three recent bank statements.  Applicants with verifiable housing assistance must meet income qualification based on their portion of the rent.  Bank account balances may be used as financial resource qualification with proper documentation and proper balance to rent ratio based on the term of the lease.

Credit History:  A credit score of 600 or higher on a consumer credit report is required from each applicant. Negative or adverse debt may require an additional security deposit.  Unpaid accounts in collections could result in denial of the application.

Criminal BackgroundA conviction, guilty plea or no contest plea in the past five years for the manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance, or any type of crime that could be considered a threat to others or the property will result in denial of the application.

Number of Occupants:  In accordance with ORS 90.262, Manager has adopted a maximum occupancy rule of no more than two people per bedroom.

Vehicles:  If the vehicles possessed by the applicant exceed the amount allowed at the dwelling, the application may be denied.

Renter’s Insurance:  Tenants are required to obtain a renter insurance policy, with a minimum liability coverage of $100,000, to cover damage to or loss of their own possessions, as well as losses resulting from their negligence. Tenant must provide acceptable proof of renter insurance prior to taking possession.

Co-Signers:  If an applicant does not qualify based on their own income or credit history, a co-signer may be considered as a condition of approval. If allowed, only one co-signer will be considered per rental agreement. When using a co-signer, household income (including co-signer) must equal at least six times the monthly rent.

Deposit To Hold:  If your application is approved, we will require you to sign a Deposit to Hold Agreement, and pay a deposit to guarantee and hold the unit. A deposit to hold will hold the unit for up to seven (7) days from the date of approval or availability of the property. If for any reason you fail to execute a rental agreement, you will forfeit any deposit to hold, per ORS 90.297. If your Deposit to Hold Agreement and payment is not received within 24 hours after being approved, we reserve the right to market the property for rent and screen additional applicants. All deposits must be paid with certified funds.

Revised 03/20/2019